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A 6th year Harry Potter RPG

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Update of 2006 [2-1-06 at 7pm]

Mmmhmm I've been a lazy arse...but hey what can I say, highschool's hard.

so I fixed the links in the layout and did some graphic stuff.

check kellys journal to figure it out.

Basically I can make banners for layouts now with photoshop!!


so I'm actually gonna make some banners and post 'em, if you want 'em take them.

also...I'm gonna require everyone to friends only their journals, so make sure you've got everyone as a friend.

and I cleaned out old lj users who dont update.

I wont be able to check email so if I dont answer you back sorry!

♥ Jess / Kelly/ Holden/ Snape/ MOD
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[1-6-06 at 7pm]


I totally felt like drawing a coolish picture soooo...


For Christmas, Kelly!Collapse )

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[12-8-05 at 2pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Ok guys I did some repair work on the userinfo and the whole communtiy layout.

If you cant figure it out....the link 'Hogwarts a History' brings you to the user info....I couldnt get it and I run this place!

So yeah...Luna.... I got your treat....I'll email it to you. My emails x_penguins_R_communsim_x@yahoo.com and it'll say LUNA TREAT.

so yeah...christmas soon.

any ideas?!

♥ Jess /Kelly /Holden/ Snape

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[12-3-05 at 9pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

*talks drunkenly* **out of character**

You know, theres a kid at my real school and his name is Holden. He's a r e a l ass-hole, and Im glad that Holden Morissette is nothing like him. See, the other Holden drove me to tears and I think he should get his ass kicked. Maybe by our Holden. Thank you.

Sorry, a bit random, but I havent posted in a while... Oh and I'm still trying to advertise accio_firebolt1 in other communities as well.

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More House Pride icons [11-30-05 at 2pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey guys I got some icons that are house pride related....and made two community icons also.



1.   2.  


1.     2.


1.   2.  (Yeah I know the first icons a completely diffrent red....deal with it or request a change)


1.       2.


I can put anything on the icons if you want a diffrent saying. And I did Hufflepuff because I got bored but the letters on the curcle one got messed up so it may look like it says 'Ufflepuf'


And if you take....credit jayansilentbob1  thankyou verymuch


which as amusing as it is, isnt fair for those no existing Hufflepuffs here.


Also a new screenname is made....its Mallrat Jedi0037....yeahhh.

So um yeah.....anyone want to advertise the community in a Harry Potter community for me? I've done it all the time and I think someone else should have a turn.


Just find a community and leave links back to accio_firebolt1  and to auditions_666  pweeeaaassseee?!

Yeah so thanks


Jess /Kelly/Holden/Snape/ MOD




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IMPORTANT!!!!! [11-10-05 at 9pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Hey guys this is a pretty important post here....banners are ready for use!!!!

Read more...Collapse )

♥ J/ Rhea

*****EDITS****** gimme your emails and I'll email you the code with pic in it!

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update [11-8-05 at 3pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Working on some banners for user info and junk

and they're all House color coded

yeahhh....I'm that cool to think of that.

So that'll be up and the ball is going on a usual.

I'll come back later with the goods.

(H.P Goblet of Fire on the 18th...yay!)

♥ Jess /Kelly/Holden/Snape

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Halloween [10-22-05 at 11pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Alrighty guys

The Halloween Ball is going to be a four day long celibration.

so from today (the 23 to 26) You can interact with others like your at the ball...be sure to include your costume for fun.

alright go party!


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[10-13-05 at 3pm]

[ mood | bored ]

(out of character) I'm bored. I feel like having something interesting happen. that hasnt happened since luna started dating Harry. And that wasnt even half-interesting. anybody have any ideas for anything interesting to happen?

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[9-18-05 at 3pm]
[ mood | mleh. ]

dude. nobody's posted in a while. I'm concerned that you guys all got kissed by a dementor or something. Smebody. post. Sve us all from the silence. Voldemort can't stop the rock. Save ginny weasley. whatever.

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[9-11-05 at 6pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

~~thanx for inviting me in!! I am sooo happy today~~

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icon pickup [9-11-05 at 10am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Alrighty I went throught the website and got the icons, I went a bit overboard and just had an icon frenzy. But I got some pretty good shit with the limited amout of tools I got, Eljay iconmaker to be exact.


pick your icons hereCollapse )

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[9-9-05 at 11pm]

[ mood | bored ]

If you guys have noticed yet not to pimp the icons I made some character icons for me and Rhea. If anyone wants one just comment here, I can make regular shots and house icons with their names.

And thats about it....

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[9-9-05 at 9pm]

[ mood | calm ]


finally got to doing somthing with the comunity lazy bum

So I'd like everyone to look at it....just incase there actually are questions you guys have.

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[9-6-05 at 10am]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm dropping Violet Feipher. Here's a new one.


Player Information:

 Name: katie


AIM screenname:yoshiprincess49
*RPG experience:Luna lovegood, harry potter(oh yeah!!)
*Fanfiction, if any:


Character Information.


Name:Bailey Hathaway
Age: 16
*Appearance: Pink, wavy hair, midnight blue eyes,




PB:...can someone tell me what this means?? *sob*


*Personality: Punk, cynical, emotional


Birthdate and Zodiac: march 15th, 1989
Home Residence: Bristol


*Family: Mother, columnist at the daily prophet, father, brother named Collin


Wand: birch with unicorn  hair
Pets, if any: cat named Morticia


*Philosophy:  Um... aim low.


Accent: English
Ethnicity: English/french


Favorite food/beverage: uh... turkey and pumpkin juice
Leisure: drawing, singing


Qualities: good at quiditch, ggod at charms
Flaws: gets mad easily




Likes:music like techno and punk
Dislikes: ...mean people.


*Uncommon knowledge about character: although she is sooo punk, she dances to disco and techno.




Talents: sings and plays bass guitar in her band, The cynics

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[9-1-05 at 4pm]

[ mood | I'm king of the wooorrrld!!!!! ]

Yaaaay for gryffindor layouts!!! wooo!

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[8-23-05 at 9am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

GAWD, WHY WONT YOU GIVE LUNA A CHANCE, HUH? She's a great person, and I like her, and so should you!! We're going out now, if you didn't figure that out by now.

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[8-22-05 at 3pm]

Player Information:

Name: katie

AIM screenname:yoshiprincess49

*RPG experience:Luna lovegood, harry potter

*Fanfiction, if any:noope

Character Information.

Name:Violet Feipher


*Appearance: Platinum blonde hair, tall, green eyes.


Personality:calm, cool, and eager for companionship, loves to sing and dwell on the computer

Birthdate and Zodiac:February 3, Aries. i think.

Home Residence:somewhere near the Thames


*Family:Auror mother, Ministry scurity father, little sister named Christine.


Wand: 12", ebony with dragon heartstring, swishy.

Pets, if any:fish named Floyyd

*Philosophy:Life? where can I download one of those??




Favorite food/beverage:Cauldron cakes and butterbeer

Habits: bites fingernails, doodles

Leisure: sings opera, paints, draws manga

Qualities: Straight-forward, artistic, creative

Flaws: over-critical, competetive

Likes: painting, singing, tropical fish, guys hitting on her

Dislikes: the color brown, clingy people, discrimination

*Uncommon knowledge about character: Keeps a collection of oddly shaped buttons,wants to visit Egypt some day, loves the color lavender

Patronus/Animagi: fox for both

Talents: knows karate, exellent at charms and defense against the dark arts, can get information out of anyone.

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[8-18-05 at 7pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey, guys. Thanks for letting me in, come on into my journal, plenty of good stuff in there. And um... thanks. *mourns over loss of Dumbledore and gain of painful headthrobbing*

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[8-18-05 at 4pm]
[ mood | yes.. umm.. ]

oh, my. I've forgotten what I was going to say...  Oh, yes! Now I remember! I would love to have more members in sectumsempra  because it is getting a bit boring in there; er, actually, I am the only one who has posted,er, oh dear... umm.. well, join and we can make rules and stuff. ...and .....whatever.

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