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More House Pride icons

Hey guys I got some icons that are house pride related....and made two community icons also.



1.   2.  


1.     2.


1.   2.  (Yeah I know the first icons a completely diffrent with it or request a change)


1.       2.


I can put anything on the icons if you want a diffrent saying. And I did Hufflepuff because I got bored but the letters on the curcle one got messed up so it may look like it says 'Ufflepuf'


And if you jayansilentbob1  thankyou verymuch


which as amusing as it is, isnt fair for those no existing Hufflepuffs here.


Also a new screenname is made....its Mallrat Jedi0037....yeahhh.

So um yeah.....anyone want to advertise the community in a Harry Potter community for me? I've done it all the time and I think someone else should have a turn.


Just find a community and leave links back to accio_firebolt1  and to auditions_666  pweeeaaassseee?!

Yeah so thanks


Jess /Kelly/Holden/Snape/ MOD




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