Kelly Azrael Susanne Claire Issabelle Shia "Lee" (pirate_witch867) wrote in accio_firebolt1,
Kelly Azrael Susanne Claire Issabelle Shia "Lee"

Update of 2006

Mmmhmm I've been a lazy arse...but hey what can I say, highschool's hard.

so I fixed the links in the layout and did some graphic stuff.

check kellys journal to figure it out.

Basically I can make banners for layouts now with photoshop!!


so I'm actually gonna make some banners and post 'em, if you want 'em take them.

also...I'm gonna require everyone to friends only their journals, so make sure you've got everyone as a friend.

and I cleaned out old lj users who dont update.

I wont be able to check email so if I dont answer you back sorry!

♥ Jess / Kelly/ Holden/ Snape/ MOD
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