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Quidditch..no other sport like it!

A 6th year Harry Potter RPG
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Rules to Live By

1. Keep all fighting in character, contact a MOD if you have issues with someone.

2. Don't Power Play, like control other players characters

3.NO MARY SUES!!!...'nuff said there.

4. Try to have some Harry Potter knowledge. Its pretty stupid if you dont have any clue who Harry Potter is and your trying to get into a Harry Potter Role Play Game.

5. So I know you've read these rules The rules are more like...guidelines anyways When filling out the form in the area specially marked type the words "Flogging Molly"

MOD Squad

Mod 1

Name- Jess
Livejournal- Jayansilentbob1
AIM- Bankysgirl666
Characters- Kelly Black "Lee", Severus Snape, Holden Morissette (Previously played Blaise Zabini...he's open for a new player!)

Mod 2

Name- Jenny
Livejournal- MrsWonkaSparrow
AIM- none
Character- Rhea Zhina Zabini

^--- Contact either if you have any questions, concerns, or comments...remember...we're open for suggestions!

Auditioning for your Character
1. First pick a character or create your own original character. (Any character not listed in the TAKEN section is free for playing unless noted as dead or being held for another player)

2. Go to Auditions_666 and fill the form posted.

3. Post your filled form in a comment.

4. Either mod will post it in Accio_Firebolt1

5. We'll then vote on it!

6. If your in we'll ask for a user name for your character and we'll send you an invite!

***For any questions on the voting lingo or anything in that catigory got to _Setumsempra which is our help community***


Severus Snape

Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter

-_-_ Original Characters_-_-

Kelly Black "Lee"

Rhea Zhina Zabini

Holden Morissette

(Credit for the banner Jayansilentbob1 and credit for the picture in the banner goes to the very cool Hd_pens )